Thursday, February 20, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I am finally ready to post that my grandfather passed away at Midnight on Monday morning.  We were able to sit with him and take care of him on Sunday.  He was living at an assisted living facility, where he received wonderful care.  The staff was very gracious, helpful, and kind to us that day.  There are not enough words of thanks that will express that.  I am also very happy that his passing happened very quickly and with little suffering.  We got to say goodbye to him.  That is something that some people never get.  Yesterday, we spent the day as a family, had dinner, and told stories about him.  I will be sharing them with you later.  Some of them are very, very funny.  I will be posting my regular project life stuff sometime this week or weekend.  Please bear with me, as it is hard to feel up to getting in here and typing something.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of the boys and my grandfather together.

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