Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Very Basic Silhouette Tips

Please note, what I know about the Silhouette Machines is very basic.  Very, very basic.  However, if your knowledge is basic or you are looking into purchasing one this post will be right up your alley.

  • Sign up for the Silhouette Blog.  They will inform you about the free shape of the week.  Yes, free shape of the week.  There are sketches and tons of projects on there.  You can also find tips for ways to use your machine.  Even if you don't have a Silhouette, I recommend doing this.  It is "scrap-lifting" after all.
  • Sign up for the subscription services.  If you do have a Silhouette, getting the subscription services is a must!  I pay $10 a month and can download up to $25 a month in shapes.  That's $15 of free items!!!  Here are the plans.  The plans roll over so I always have credits saved up and I can go on a free for all, if I so wish!
  • Go to Youtube and search Silhouette America, or just Silhouette.  You will find thousands of videos about how to use your machine.  
  • Look for weekly bundles.  Every week there are bundles at the Silhouette online store.  They have tons of shapes that are theme related.  It's a great way to save money on shapes.  You will find the bundles on the main page under the "Visit the blog" tab.                 
So that's it for today.  I am planning on being prepared for the upcoming holiday seasons!  I really, really am.  So, I'm hoping to get some cut files completed for you all to download in the next week or so.  They will be Seasonal related.  Football, Soccer, Halloween, Fall, etc.  If you have any requests, please let me know, and I will be happy to provide them.

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