Friday, September 6, 2013

Reason #2240...Technological Troubles...Friday Photos that make me happy

Hi there, I thought I could post a photo each Friday that makes me happy, or makes me chuckle.  Here is what Wolfie brought to my attention the other night.

Reason #2240 JoJo should not be allowed to use a technological device:  Please keep in mind I once told him to wash an old iPod...He dunked it in the sink....
Do you guys know how long 22, 952, 280 minutes are?  It's 43 years.  Do you know how many times JoJo had to have typed in an invalid password???  I don't.  More than a hundred would be my guess. He's nothing if not persistent.  That's a good quality, right?  And also, does anyone want to buy a cell phone?  It's a steal ;)  (P.S. iphone is not actually for sale)

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