Friday, September 13, 2013

Five Minute Friday


I searched the exact definition of mercy before writing this and it is the act of forgiveness shown toward someone.  Well, I'm taking this in a different direction.  We have been in drought here for so long.  It's been years and years of dryness.  The lake was drying up.  When you live in the desert, you hope, you pray, you love rain.  We finally got Mercy from the drought that has dried up our lakes, and parched our land and crops.  The rain arrived, a sweet blessing from dryness.  The land accepting the gift.  And the rain kept falling, and falling, and falling.  Now there is flooding, roads washed away, homes damaged.  And though it's bad, I can't help but appreciate the wonderful gift...The mercy that the water has given to the land.  Isn't forgiveness worth being thankful for?  I may be retracting this post tomorrow...if the water keeps coming.  But for now, with all of the rain and damage.  I still hope there is thankfulness for the gift of water.

We went home early yesterday because of the rain.  I got to spend extra time with my family.  The boys found frogs.  We have our doors and windows open enjoying the respite from the heat.  We are enjoying the cool, the sound of the rain falling, the Mercy the desert can show you.


And for my friends that are out of their homes, that have damage to their homes, I do wish you all of the safety in this world.


  1. I'm sorry I'm just now getting around to last week's 5-Minute Friday party goers. I think you posted before or after me, and what a beautiful post you're written. There's nothing better than the mercy of water whenever we've had a drought, both naturally and spiritually.



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