Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Still Alive

My lake...not too full, but I still love it.  It's my favorite place on Earth, I think anyways.

I am still alive people...I have just been so busy around here.  I barely have time to post this.  I promise as soon as things slow down, I will post a nice long post, filled with randomness.  I have some VERY exciting news that I can't wait to announce.  Also, I have been somewhat keeping up with the photo a day for March so I will put those up.  I am going to print out photos and get some layouts done soon.  I will also be planning for a Scrapbook Retreat in April...I will share that info as well.   I believe my Cricut Machine is sold!  So I will be getting a Silhouette!!!  Can't wait to share that.  But I am off...to another birthday party today.  And don't forget, I have the Mudrun this weekend.  EEKS! (Plus, I know I started the last two sentences with conjunctions.)

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