Monday, March 25, 2013

Craft Room Pinspiration

I've decided to redo my craft room.  So, here are some things I've been pinning up to my Pinterest page for a while now.

My Color Inspiration:
It boils down to gray, turquoise, white, and black.

Yes, it's a bedroom but I love the blues and grays.

I haven't decided if I 'm going to treat my wood cabinets or not.

Oh yes, I'm putting in a photo wall.  I have so many photos of the boys and or our life together that need to be put up.

Photo Wall Ideas:
I basically have 4 feet to work with on each side of the window.  So here are some ideas that I'm going to modify.  Also, take into account the last photo wall from above.

I also love this idea for layouts.  I have them strung up on my wall right now with wire and clothes pins.

You can find me on Pinterest, here. Incase, you are interested.


  1. Blues and greys are what I aim for in my craft room/office as well! I need to start combing Etsy for some interesting throw pillows for one of the chairs in there.

    Btw, those frames in the last picture are sold at Michaels.



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