Thursday, February 28, 2013

Around here...

Hi there, Everone!  It's been a while since I last posted.  I've been busy with school and just life in general.  The kids have been sick so that's always fun.  I thought, I would share a few photos from the past week just for fun.

***Amendment to this post...I cannot email photos from my phone to myself!  I have attempted this three times today.  That means you will just have to live without seeing them.  Sorry.  Maybe when all works properly, I will upload them.  Maybe Mariphone lost her ability to email when she took a dive!  Really, I tried two different email accounts.  Anyhow, moving on.

I thought I would share this with you guys incase you would like to do it.  I totally failed in January with this project.  Apparently, it's quarterly so I can make it up this quarter?  I took a picture with my phone so I can remember the prompts when I'm out and about.

I have really been thinking about doing Project in Weekly.  I want to do it digitally, I think.  I also really want to start scrapbooking again, badly.  I am going to a scrapbooking retreat in April so I need to start planning pages and printing pictures.  I will share that with you as I go along.  I am almost finished up with all of my photo editing.  ALMOST!  I cannot wait.  Except, I am taking newborn photos this weekend as a favor for a long time friend.  I am going to start up with my photography officially, April 1.

I guess that's all of got for today!  Enjoy your evening!

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