Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Your Heart

It's time for Blog Your Heart, from Stephanie Howell's Blog.

This will be short and sweet...

1.  JoJo is driving me insane right now.  He is going through this phase of stubbornness.  I'm not quite sure where he got it from because no one in this house is stubborn.  He is making me late for work almost every Monday, and Friday.  He refused to get dressed in the morning because it's too hard.  He also won't hold his backpack and will stand in the lobby of school.  It drives me nuts.  The kid needs to grow up a little bit.

2.  I HATE my job at the moment.  The pressure they are putting on is so the worst I've ever seen in 11 years of teaching.  The entire month of January was spent testing.  The ENTIRE month.  We have a B school, but apparently we will still be audited by the district.  They are supposed to come in and judge us on 20 pages of different items.  They will rank us 1 to 4 for each item  and then interview us to ensure we are doing a good job.  I asked other B schools and they say this isn't going to happen in their schools so I'm unsure of why we are the "lucky" ones.

3.  Scrapbooking??  What is that?

4.  I'm going to be a Dirty Girl!  That's right, I signed up for the 5k Dirty Girl Mud Run.  It was a great incentive to actually work out again.  I really don't want to be lying facedown in a puddle of mud so I've been running and working out.

5.  I am itching to take pictures again.  I just have to finish up the tedious chore of editing photos.  At least I'm getting antsy to do it again and that makes me happy.

6.  Maddie loves Michael Jackson!  I mean loves him.  I can't wait to show his little opinion paper he wrote for school.  It's hanging outside of his classroom so I can't at this moment.  I am going to put it in his scrapbook (what's that??).  When he grows up he is going to be in for such a shock.  And I am going to laugh and laugh.  Plus, show the scrapbook page to his girlfriends. :)


  1. Arrgghh! Teaching is supposed to be about so much more than testing. How about some learning and exploration. I am about to step back into teaching after a long break and this stuff scares me. I like teaching not testing and assessing constantly. Hang in there!

  2. I am so sorry about your job. That's a big reason I don't miss teaching most days and haven't gone back. I hope you have a happy week. xo



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