Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mariphone Lives!!

As many of you know my phone, Mariphone, is very important to me.  That is why on Sunday, I was a bit worried when I thought I killed her.  You see I had just gotten out of the tub and she was sitting on some papers on the bathroom counter...Thanks Erik.  Anyhow, I hit the papers and she took a dive.  A perfect little dive under the water.  I was actually impressed with her trajectory for a second before I started screaming.  I snatched her out of the water and dried her off.  She was working perfectly until three hours later my screen went all crazy and dark.  I believe I used the word kooky.  I was pretty worried especially about the pictures I had on her.  Alas, we placed her in a bag of rice overnight and in the morning she was just perfect.  So in conclusion, iPhones are awesome.  Oh and here are some of the pics that were on there.  They documented our trip up A Mountain, which pardon my French is a bitch to climb.  And if I never go back, it would be too soon. These were once in a lifetime photos.

 JoJo resting after making it too the top.
 One of the shrines to the Virgin at the top.
 Maddie, JoJo, and Erik coming up to the top.  I climbed my butt off at a quick pace so I was waiting.  Perhaps that's why it wasn't a joy.
 Corner of the observatory...I liked the "Clock work"
 All the boys at the top
Cell tower at the top.  Please note, I still didn't have full service on my phone!

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