Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Funnies

We had a really lovely Christmas here.  Christmas Eve we had Erik's family over.  Christmas Day we had mine.  I love Christmas.  I love Santa too.  I just wanted to show you these two photos I took that make me laugh and laugh and laugh.
The boys looked so cute on Christmas Eve in their matching pajamas.  I wanted to take their picture before bed.  So I did and we got Clark W. Griswold in the background.  I really love this picture and I'm printing it out in 8x8 because it's just so fitting for our family.  It's not Christmas without Clark Griswold...or vacations for that matter with my dad...aka Clark.

And my very own Auto Correct Error.  That I laughed and laughed about all day.  Erik said I was ridiculous.  I needed a damn baster for the rib roast but auto correct changed it to badger.  And then I couldn't stop picturing the badger in the car with my dad, and his face would be all scratched up.  And it was just hilarious so I had to tell my bestie, Val.  Who laughed and laughed and laughed.  I am laughing while typing this right now.  If you don't think it's funny well, you can just side with Team Erik :)  And if you thinks its funny, then you are a genius and side with Team Mariah.

Have a good day, I'm going to work on my Thanksgiving layout later today...I'm also awaiting pics for project life.  Apparently they won't be in until after the first of the year :(

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