Saturday, September 17, 2011

Waiting...12x12 Layout

Supplies:   I don't know...I'm not sure if it's a Studio Calico Kit or a Memory Works kit...I promise to do a better job remembering.

I love blogging.  It sort of acts like a journal in a way.  It's a place I can record my thinking, or our family's story and later be able to reference back to it.  I've shared these pictures on here before, and now I've finally put them in a layout.  My eventual goal is to go back through and put a lot of what is on here into our scrapbook.  

I like that this is a place where I can record my feelings about things, whether they are good, bad, happy, or even sad.  I feel like in a way I haven't been doing that lately.  That's why I appreciated and participated in "Blog From Your Heart."  It has sort of gotten me to be more reflective these last few days.  In being reflective, and looking back through posts, I've realized that I haven't shared many pictures of what we have done this summer.  Albeit, it hasn't been that much.  I like to share those things.  How does life get so busy that we forget to do the things we love?  

The other day, JoJo got into Erik's email so he could watch him get tazed.  For some reason he is obsessed with that.  Anyway I had to get the iPad away from him and make sure he wasn't sending random emails to people.  He had clicked on this folder.  I don't remember what it was titled, but I found that Erik had saved this post from almost a year ago, in his folder.  It made me happy that something I wrote meant so much to him that he saved it so he could read it again.

This last week has been a hard one.  Erik has worked late, and he's working all weekend.  Wolfie got in trouble at school.  Not major trouble, just a pink slip.  He's grounded now, and that adds it's own stress to things.  My kitchen is a mess.  (Maddie is in here.  He's impressed that I can look at him and still type.)  My house is a mess.

Today, is a slow down day.  I'm not going to go to Wal-Mart.  I think I'll clean up this office, clean up this house, do some scrapbooking.  But, first, me and Maddie are going to paint a castle.

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