Monday, May 2, 2011

One person...

I was thinking last night, and today about how one man can change the world.  Osama Bin Ladin forever changed this world.  He brought sorrow and fear.  I will never forget September 11.  My brother was in New York going to school when it happened.  He heard the planes fly in.  He saw the second tower collapse.  We were unable to reach him because "All circuits were busy."  It was a scary and horribly sad day, indeed.  I told my kids about Osama Bin Ladin's death and how his evil brought changes in this world that have taken us down a hard path.  One of my boys said "Well now that he is dead, everything can be reversed."  The innocent mind of a young boy.  I told him it couldn't.  That it wouldn't bring back the people who died, and it wouldn't bring back the leg of my husband's friend (he was shot in Afghanistan and lost his leg).  But, I told him, one person can change the world.  And this change does not have to be bad.  It only takes one person to bring out the best in this world.  We can all do our part to make it a better place.  I want him to see the positive in this.  To see the positive in this world.  To know that one person can make a difference for the good of the man.  It doesn't take much, just being kind to a stranger or helpful to someone  in need.

And, I do want to say a huge Thank You to all of our servicemen and women.  Those who have fought, those who have been injured, those who have died, and for the families that have been there to carry the burden.   THANK YOU!

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