Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Please Help This Little Girl

I read this post today The Most Important Post I've ever written  Please follow the link.  It's about a girl named Olga with Down Syndrome.  She needs donations for her adoption fund.  The total yesterday was $72 and today is now over $3000.  Every little bit helps.  If you visit the blog, you will find that Patti is offering a free iPod to one lucky winner that donates.  Please spread the word.

Today has been a rough day.  I found out that one of the kids that attends my old school.  He's in 3rd grade...has cancer.  It has spread throughout his body.  I don't know much else about the situation.  This with the information last week that one of my HS friends has a niece with a tumor on her brain stem.  She is 19 months old.  Because there was no place to treat her in our state, they went to TX and now insurance will not cover her treatment.  Please hug your children tonight, and say a little prayer for these sick little kids.

Thanks...and sorry for the depressing post.

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