Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WIL...Day 2

Another day down in the books.  Erik went to work.  The boys and I stayed home.  Today was spent mostly cleaning and doing laundry.  I will admit, the kids watched a lot of TV and played video games.  Wolfie was still recuperating and I didn't want him running around like a wild man.  I did manage to get part of the layout done for my title page this week.  However, I didn't photograph it yet. 
JoJo assisting Wolfie with his bath.  He still wasn't feeling well and wanted to take a bath after breakfast.

JoJo reading in my bed.  Yes, this is his favorite book, "The Digger."

JoJo playing with the Walkie Talkie

Maddie and JoJo playing together with the Walkie Talkies

Poor sick Wolfie playing the DSi

Jill Sleeping.  Notice the tongue.

My Self Portrait.  This is the first time I tried to take one in the mirror.  I like it.  I'll try this again.  Maybe, I'll wear makeup next time :)

The toothbrushes I will be throwing away tomorrow after Wolfie's 3 days of antibiotics.  JoJo has probably used all of these today and will be sick in no time.

Part of my page.  I'll have step by step instructions posted later.

So, there was Day 2.  I'm really enjoying this project.  I especially like taking random pictures.  I'm getting to practice using my camera...I'm finally learning how to use it after all these years.  It's exciting.  I'll see you all tomorrow.

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