Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ooops...more day 2 photos

One of the Grossies (as JoJo calls them) on the rose bush in the front yard. 
Little Mo fell down.  There is a tear in his eye.  Maddie took this picture of us.
Maddie cutting roses.
Yes, the kids spent the day in their underwear.
Our Cut roses and the bud vases I bought for Maddox.  He loves to smell the roses in the front yard and cut them.  They are so pretty and they smell so good.  I love those rose bushes.  I also love the Lego car next to them. 
Frozen pizza for dinner.  It was supposed to be flautas, but we accidently left the chicken out last night.  I didn't want any food poisoning. 

Okay, that really is all for day 2

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