Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here I am in All my Splendor

So here I am people.  And aren't I gorgeous?  I've been noticing that when I take pictures, I have a lot of sun spots and redness.  Alas, the signs of aging are beginning to show.  I couldn't understand why I was looking older and a few close up shots showed me why.  This is sooooo sad for me.  First the kids with the stretch marks and loose skin, and now old lady skin.  Okay, maybe it's not old lady skin...yet.  But, it's on the way.  So I am taking a proactive step.  I started a 14 day treatment with Olay Definity.
Let's see how this goes.  I will post the before and after pictures in 12 more days.  Maybe, I'll even post a few in between.  But you all will be my judges.  Does my skin look younger at the end of the treatment?  Let's all hope so.  I also starting using these too.  They promise results in 8 weeks.
And moving on to other notes...Remember the "Week in the Life Challenge" on Ali Edward's blog?  It starts next week.  She gives a few ideas on her blog to document.  So, I'm getting excited to start.  I better prepare so that I'm ready.  From Ali's List, I'm going to take a daily photo of myself and my ensemble.  Then, of course daily happenings and other things.  Hopefully, I can keep up.  Well, talk to you all later!

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