Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday

It's Friday, Thank Goodness!  What a long week.  I'm ready to rest up this weekend.  A few funny things happened to me almost seems it was more of a Monday. 
1.  Wolfie decides to tell me, when we're at the exit for school, that he forgot his shoes at home.  He asks, "Mom, where are my shoes?"  To which I replied, "Are you kidding me?"  Long story short, I had to pin Maddie down and take his shoes off while he kicked and screamed, and I apologized to his babysitter.  Then I went to the car and  told Wolfie to cram his feet in the shoes.  I didn't care if they hurt his feet, I didn't want to hear it. 
2.  Wolfie also forgot his backpack at home.  The two items here he blamed on me saying that, "I didn't remind him."  I told him no one reminded me to put my shoes on this morning and that it is something he should do before he gets in the car. 
3.  Wolfie told Maddie to stop crying because he would buy him some $10 dollar shoes after school.  This is in reference to last year when Wolfie forgot his shoes and I had to run to Big 8 and buy him some large $10 shoes.  I told him he would have to pay for them.  He said we could just save the reciept and return them after school so he didn't have to pay me for them.  Note...for those of you who don't know it, I work 22 miles from home and cannot just simply turn around to get shoes.
4.  Wolfie tells me after school that I'm copying Marcella's mom.  I asked, "Why is that?"  He says, "Because when she moves her pin in class she gets grounded for one day.  So you copied her"  I told him that Marcella's mom had a good idea so I was glad that I was copying her, and that I was also glad that Marcella's mom cared about her doing well in school, too.

So, that was mine and Wolfie's day.  I do also have to say that I so love how Maddie understands what JoJo says.  JoJo is hard to understand sometimes, and Maddie knows what he's saying.  It is sooo cute.  Well, that was my eventful day.  I'm glad that while raising children can be difficult, it can also be highly amusing.  Like right now, JoJo is trying to cut the dog's hair with scissors...not sharp ones but it is funny.  

We're supposed to go fishing tomorrow.  No Soccer!  Yessss!  I mean, ahhh man!  Enjoy your weekend. 

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