Sunday, November 2, 2014

Blog Your Heart

It's that time again, apparently.  I've been prompted by Stephanie Howell to Blog My Heart.  So here goes.

1.  Being a parent is really hard.  Who doesn't know this?  It's just that why do my kids have to make parenting so challenging.  The boys fight a lot.  I guess that's normal for boys.  The annoying thing is that I was late for school several times this week because JoJo wouldn't put his socks on.  They have bumps in them, which apparently, he can't stand.  I hate walking into my classroom late. Hate it.  The other issue is that Wolfie is extremely smart.  Gifted smart, though he didn't qualify for gifted because he was too lazy to put effort into his reading and writing assessment.  I don't need a gifted label for him, but I'd love to have some help with getting him organized.  An IEP would have been good to make sure he turns his work in on time.  I find it super annoying when parents say, "my child is gifted." The fact of the matter is that raising a gifted child is extremely difficult.  There are so many difficult things that you have to deal with, like stubbornness, laziness, unorganization, not paying attention, etc.  Wolfie is smart, but he's getting bad grades and that is SO frustrating.

2.  I think I'm beginning to tire of Erik's schedule.  We're three years in now, but still on opposite schedules.  It would really be nice to be able to do things as a family during the entire year not just summer vacation, and holiday breaks.

3.  This year has been the worst year of our life.  Extremely hard financial issues, violent death of a friend, and the death of 4 grandparents have not made things easy.  

4.  I'm extremely glad and thankful to be part of a design team.  I don't think I could have made it through this year without crafting.  However, it's been hard to find a balance between blogging about our life, and blogging about crafting.  I'm sure things will come to a balance.

5.  I miss my friends.  They have all moved away to different states.  

6.  I'm really loving music right now.  

7.  I'm totally getting my iPhone back as soon as I can.  I don't like my phone that much, and I just want iTunes back.  I want the cloud back.  Erik wants his iPhone back too.  So as soon as it's feasible we will be switching back to Apple.

8.  It's time to start the 30 Day Ab Challenge.  I got asked by a parent at school if I was expecting!!!  I told her, "No, I'm just fat."  Here I come crunches.

9.  The Cowboys are crumbling as we speak.  I'm glad I'm not putting any emotion into that whole debacle.  I can't take any more blows this year.  Ha!  On another note, I finally got Erik to be a fan, and he's hurt that they are losing!

10.  I wish Peyton Manning was our best friend.  I think we would make a perfect fit.  He's dorky, funny, and drinks BudLight.  Okay, this is a far fetched idea.

11.  I hate "Falling Back" I hate when it gets dark early.  

So there you have it.  I tried to balance the negative with some positive.  Have a good night.


  1. Every time I do BYH I'm amazed by the fact that I identify with almost every single item on every single person's list. We all have such similar hearts, don't we? Thank you so much for joining in. xoxo

  2. So sorry to hear what a tough year you've had. And sorry about the Cowboys. Two of my cousins are lifelong fans, so they probably aren't too happy about that right now. Hope you get your iPhones back soon. My husband and I have had ours for a year -- our first smart phones -- and I can't imagine not having it now. Total addicts. ha, ha



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