Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Better Late Than Never...November Info

Hello everyone!  I know this post is late but a few things made me delay this post.  My mother ran into a wall of glass at a car dealership.  There was a poster on it, but it came off.  Apparently, she is not the only victim because a man had run into it and broken his nose.  She suffered a mild concussion and I had to help her out.  Then, because I have the best ideas of any person who ever lived, I decided to reorganize my pantry after a Costco trip.  It left the house in disarray.  I was unable to finish the job because my son got sick.  I ended up staying home from school with him.  So I was able to finish that pantry job the next day.  So here it is days later than I promised.  However, I'm going to share all of that info right now!

First off,  the Clique Kits November Kit, Homecoming has fully been revealed!!!  The kit is AMAZING and loaded with so much paper.  I'm talking more than 12 sheets of paper!!  More like 18 sheets!  There are amazing add ons available in the store as well.

Our November sponsor is going to be 17 Turtles!!!

You can get 25% off of a purchase at 17 Turtles no minimum required.  Just enter the promo code CK17TURTLES25.  If you shop the Clique Store, enter CKNOV25 for 25% off of your purchases.

Don't forget the October Challenge is still up for a few more days.

I also wanted to share that I'm doing a Week in the Life this week!  I will be sharing photos and free cut files very soon!

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