Sunday, October 20, 2013

I got nothin'...Some Photo App Info and other stuff

Don't you love the proper grammar of that title?  It's not even capitalized.  I really have nothing to post today.  I just wanted to post, and so now I am.  And you will listen to the randomness...unless you don't want to.  Anyhow, I found something out today.  Apparently Instagram and other photo filter apps shrink down your photos to low resolution so that you can share them online.  So that is why, when I go to print my photos they give a low resolution warning.  Who knew?  In fact, I was searching for that for quite a while.  I found a photo app called Vintique that allows you to purchase full size filters and textures for an additional 99 cents.  The cool thing about Vintique is that you can customize how much of each filter you want to use.  You can add layers and textures as well.  So, the original app is 99 cents.  If you want the full resolution files, it's another 99 cents.  That's not bad, especially considering how much I use Mariphone to take photos.

I am also considering doing sort of a Day in the Life via Instagram.  So, what I would do is choose a day, and then every hour on the hour, take a photo of something that represents what I'm doing at that exact moment.  I'm thinking of creating some Silhouette Cut Files to go with that as well.  

I have some layouts to post, but I haven't gotten around to photographing them.  Maybe, I will do so tomorrow.  I'm am so swamped with pictures right now.  That's a good thing, but it leaves little time for anything else.  As soon as things settle down, I will do some more scrapbooking.  I also have to go through my pictures and pull stuff off of my backup drive for my annual photobook.  This idea has me wanting to smash my head against a wall.  It's not actually a very fun process.  Also, I will have to convert ALL of the photos into JPEG files since I shoot mostly in RAW.  That should be a super fun...not!  I guess, I will share just a few of my favorite pics I've taken this month.  I love them, and I don't want to post a pictureless post.
My Step Sister

 Cute little twins...not my step sister's babies.

Lot's of babies, pregnant mamas, weddings, and anniversaries this month.

So, I guess this post covered a few topics...But, I feel better now that I posted.  Hope you guys are all doing well out there.  Have a great Sunday!

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