Friday, November 9, 2012

Blue Shoes

Hi, All!  When I said I wanted to improve my writing skills I was serious.  I joined Amy Sorensen's Class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Write Now!  I am a few days behind, don't be shocked.  You should know me by now :)  Anyhow, here you go.

So, this is the story of too small shoes.  I happen to have an excellent pair in mind.  They are called my $110 shoes.  They are Docs that my dad bought in Huntington Beach about 17 years ago, give or take because my big brother, Kriss, told my dad I needed them.  (We had already to decided to gang up on him and argue our point).  But you see, I was so willing to shove my feet into these too small shoes.  They were beautiful, hip, and perfect, and did  I mention steel-toed?  That was unheard of in my day.  Do you know how many times I shoved my feet into them and suffered through the day?  Do you know I still have those shoes, locked up tight?  Protected from the dust?  Because those are my beautiful blue steel-toed shoes that have never been replicated in my presence.  That defined me as a California Girl back in the day even if it was never meant to be.  Even if I wished to be...I say that now because I was supposed to go to school at UCI.  I never made it.  I fell in love with a beautiful boy named Erik.  Thank you, blue shoes....Please note the  wear and tear on the shoes  :).  They are old, after all.

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