Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The best hat in America is actually made in China...And Mariphone Photos

So it's been a few days since I last posted.  That's because I am working like a mad woman to get photos edited and delivered, my classroom ready for school (started today), and get the boys ready for school too.  I have a few photos to share with you because ...why not.  On Saturday, me and my bestie Val had a girl's day.  We had lunch and then went shopping and then went to De La Vegas where we got rained on , and then we all took the boys to the races.

First I have to tell you about my new hat.  It is my favorite thing in the world.  I look so cute in it...apparently items that cover half of my face make me look cuter.  It also helped that I could hardly see Val when I wore it so it made spending time with her more pleasant.  Just Kidding but I have to give her a hard time.

This is me in the store trying on some ridiculously expensive jeans and shirt and hat.  This is Val's picture she sent me...I would show you the back pockets but she didn't send it to me.  I ended up with the hat and the jeans...eek.  But really people I haven't bought clothes for myself in about three years.

This is me and my hat at Verizon Wireless.  Val needed something for her phone, and she took this picture too.

My Self Portrait Hat Photo

Me and Val were at the drive through of Jack in the Box on our way to the races.  

This is how my hat looks in a picture with Erik.

This is how my hat looks with sunglasses.  It is night, but the dust from the car races was atrocious.  Plus my hat protected my head from dirt clods.

I know you guys really wanted to see another picture of my hat, but this is a picture of the cars under caution after a wreck on the race track.

Erik and JoJo at the races.

Val and Claud adopted the kids that night...They boys all wanted to sit with them.

That's it.  I'm off to dinner.  I know that your day is brighter because you saw all of those photos of  me in may hat.

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