Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sketchy Saturday

For a 12X12 layout.  The large green square is 11x11.  Pictures are 2x3.

Here is a sketch for you today.  I'm going to be off to the store in a few minutes to stock up for Super Bowl snacks.  We're not doing anything special, but I live with 4 boys (including my husband).  They eat like animals.  My refrigerator was decimated this week with the bad weather.  I wasn't expecting  three days at home.  I was going to go out for lunch yesterday, but didn't have any car seats.  My husband took two of the kids to work last Friday because they were sick, and we forgot to put them back in the car.  So we had to settle for Ramen Noodles.    

So that is all for this post.  Enjoy your day.  And, if I don't post tomorrow enjoy the Superbowl/Your Crafting time :)

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