Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Camera Pictures...and a reannouncement

Last weekend, I took some pictures with my new camera.  We upgraded to a Canon 60D.  Our Digital Rebel Xti was a wonderful camera, but it was getting old, and things were started to break on it.  That was such a great little camera, and I truly recommend it for anyone learning to use a camera in Manual.  I feel sort of sad to move on.  Strange, I know.  Anyway the announcement I had was to reannounce the winner of the 50 follower prize.  It's Danielle Hunter.  I never heard from you.  So please email me as soon as possible at mariahashbaugh@hotmaildotcom (it's regular format, but that is supposed to protect me from spam if I post it that way) so I can get your address.  I hope to hear from you by Sunday, or I'll have to announce a new winner :(  That's enough chit-chat for today.  Here are the pictures.  Feel free to let me know what you think.

I had some other good ones of the other boys, but the server won't let me upload them.  It's rejecting them.  Well, I'm off.  



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