Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July...God Bless America

Hello, Everyone!  I just wanted to share some pictures of our 4th of July celebration yesterday.  (For the Blog Hop, go here.)  I love 4th of July, and I think it's because my son's birthday is on the 5th.  Therefore, we always have a party and fireworks.  This year, however, was different.  We went to the lake and camped in all of the craziness.  It was my first attempt at photographing fireworks, and a lot of the pictures came out pretty well.  So here we go...
Not the best picture, but wanted to give  you an idea of the ridiculous amount of people at the lake.

 A cool frog we found in my grandmother's pool.  It has the coolest eyes.

Another picture of the craziness.  There's about 3 or four more boats to the right that are not in the picture.  The people are packed in like this for miles of shoreline.

JoJo eating his birthday cake.

Maddie with his sparkler.

Wolfie with his sparkler.

The boats tied up out on the water.  Erik and JoJo waiting for the show.

Fire Works

Shot of the island where the fireworks are lit.

My favorite...I set this as the desktop background.
Maddie fell asleep while waiting to roast his marshmallow.  He refused to go to bed until he had one.  We couldn't get the fire started.  So, he fell asleep while waiting.  Once the fire got going Maddie said to roast the marshmallow for him.  He ate one marshmallow and went to bed.

Tonight, we're going to light some fireworks and go to the city's firework display at 10pm. 
I hope you all enjoy your  weekend.  I'll be back tomorrow to post the bloghop winners and to post the Week One Finding Inspiration PDF.  Thanks to all of the men and women who have fought for our freedom.  Happy 4th of July!

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