Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello People

Good Spring Morning to everyone.  Here is my latest project (as was on my list).  Yes, that is my baby, JoJo in the photo...his belly too.  I made the layout with the new papers from My Little Shoe Box.  The journaling is around the bird on strips.  It says I cute!, I weeping (I sweeping), I cweening (I cleaning), Bruvers (Brothers)  These are  all things JoJo says all the time.  The title:  Wook at Me.  Because he runs around saying that too with his cute little voice. 

Also, here is my list.  As promised, I'm keeping you up to date with my Spring Break List.  So here is my progress so far.

1.  Clean out the Pantry
2.  Clean the entire house (Does it count if cleaning lady did it?)
3.  Finish all the laundry-Still working on this...7 loads and counting.
4.  Clean the car
5.  Clean the back porch
6.  Come up with a plan for the backyard
7.  Replace ugly and dead plants in the front yard
8.  Come up with a project to share with you all (it's been a while)
9.  Come up with a sketch to share with you all (also been a while)

Pretty good, I'm halfway there.  I've enjoyed this break.  We've been pretty laid back around here.  Which, is what we all need, desperately.  We are soooo busy all the time, so it's nice to not have to do anything.  I'll admit, I'm letting the kids watch too much TV, but I'm sure they'll survive.  We went  to TorC this last weekend, to our property.  I love it.  I'll share some pics on a later post.  I just don't feel like waiting for them to upload right now.  On my agenda for today is to relax, do laundry, perhaps go to Hobby Lobby, and have  fun.  I want to do a project on  here.  So email me, or leave a comment about what you'd like to do...make a mini album, learn  how to use chipboard, whatever.  Just let me know.  Have a wonderful day!

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