Friday, July 28, 2017

Aguirre Springs Hike

This week we went for a hike at Aguirre Springs.  We've been there a lot but have never ever come close to completing the Pine Trail Hike.  Mostly, it was because the boys were too little to do it.  So Tuesday morning, I asked the kids if they felt they could complete a 4.2 mile hike.  They all agreed they could.  They had no idea what they signed up for.


Maddie packed stuff to collect moss...including charcoal and a mister.

It was so hot.  I mean I sweat like I've never sweat before.  We lost the trail and had to do a lot of climbing but it was fun. 

The beginning when the children were happy.

The view from 6, 830 feet up.  

And our family photo at the top. Thank god this photo was blurry and my face was shaded.  My face was so red from the heat.  It wasn't pretty.  The children look half alive...and they were only half alive at this point.    

All joking aside, I'm glad we did this. It was fun and it was hard.  It was a really beautiful hike too.  I can see us doing this again.  It's really fun to have these adventures with the kids.  I'm really enjoying them as they get older.  They are funny and get our stupid jokes.  Plus, they sign up for this stuff ha.

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