Saturday, January 2, 2016

DIY Product Goals

This photo has nothing to do with the post.  I had no photo and this Meme was funny so.....

Hello there!  Today's post will be about my desire to begin making homemade health and beauty products as well as cleaning supplies.  It's something I've been interested in for a while.  Some of my friend's have been doing the Essential Oil thing.  I didn't really pay attention to the whole thing until about a month ago.  Now, I've been busy researching essential oils, essential companies, etc.  Let me tell you the search is EXHAUSTING.  I still don't have a clear brand that I am sold on.  Once I finally find one, I will share it with you.  So far, I've made my own shampoo.  I will share that adventure with you soon.

The reason I started to go down this homemade path is because I want to try and rid our home of some chemicals.  We've already done the Real Food change over.  We still follow that.  Another reason is because I was using some beauty products that were very expensive.  I used them for about a month with no real problems.  Then I started getting these red dry patches on my face and neck.  I stopped using them for about a month.  Then one night I thought let's give this another try.  It was a mistake.  I woke up the next morning with a red patch by my nose and on my neck.  The worst part was that apparently I got some on my eyelid.  My eye was totally swollen and had a red itchy patch on the lid.  Thank God for makeup is all I can say.  My eye was swollen for a couple of days.  Then the lid started to peal.  It took about 5 days to recover from that debacle.

So now, I'm spending hours doing research and finding recipes.  I will share them all with you and let you know if they really work.  I'm sure there will be some failures along the way and that could be pretty funny.  Let's hope there are no eye swelling disasters ha.

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