Thursday, January 15, 2015

She's Back!!!!! Mariphone is Bigger and Better

That's right people, Mariphone is back.  I am so excited to have her back in my nimble fingers.  I actually got her before the new year, but things have been super crazy around here so I couldn't share the good news.  I just couldn't take my Samsung Galaxy S5 anymore.  I missed iTunes.  I missed the iCloud.  I missed the simplicity of an iPhone.

Erik got me the iPhone 6 plus before Christmas.  We actually went to the Verizon Store to get Wolfgang a cell phone.  That's another story.  Anyhow, Erik said I could get her back.  Over the last few months, I grew to hate my Samsung Galaxy.

Here are my thoughts on the age old question: Which is better?  An iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I'm going to start by saying I switched over to the Samsung because it was bigger than an iPhone.  I read books on my phone, and overall I just like a bigger screen.  The 6 plus is bigger than an S5.  I also want to be fair in my comparison.  I know Verizon has the Verizon Cloud and Music, etc.  To be honest, I always saw myself going back to Apple.  I never signed up for the Cloud.  I never purchased music from the Playstore.  I really like iTunes, and I like that all of us can share our music because the boys have iPods.

After time, I found that the S5 slowed down.  I had to restart it all of the time.  My husband also has this issue with his.  He had to do a hard reset a couple of weeks ago.  I don't think it's acceptable to do a hard reset every four or five months.  Your phone should work, period.  We pay a lot of money for our phones.  I also didn't like that I couldn't delete apps.  Some of them come preprogrammed on the phone and when I deleted some or turned them off to save memory, it completely messed up my phone.  I had to go back and add them back to make my phone work properly.  These are apps I NEVER EVER used.  I also didn't like that there were multiple copies of apps.  I would have three or four copies of the app on the pages of my screen.  I don't need three short cuts to my Kindle app, thank you.  Another big problem was battery life.  My S5 battery just did not compare at all with an iPhone battery.  Even on days that I didn't use my phone very much and made sure all of the apps were closed I would be on low battery by the end of the day.  My iPhone batter is awesome.  I have to really use my phone all day for the battery to be low.  The S5 is so much slower.  There seems to be a lag time when I would "swipe the screen" to open my S5.  When I opened apps, there was a wait.  That's not the case with my iPhone.  The apps work exceptionally well.  There are also more scrapbooking apps with the iPhone.  Something that is important to me.  One other thing I noticed is that the Galaxy S5 allows you to use your thumbprint to unlock the phone.  That was a big joke, I could never get it to unlock my phone.  I ended up just using a swipe.  With my new iPhone, that is not the case.  It works perfectly and I can even use my thumbprint to approve app and iTune purchases.

To the credit of Samsung Galaxy S5, I will say that the pulldown menu is very convenient to use.  It also allowed me to make purchases directly from my Kindle App which was nice.  The iPhone does not.  It also updated a lot of apps and things automatically.  That was a nice feature.  The camera is also very versatile.  I liked the camera a lot, but I just couldn't take the rest of the issues that went with the phone.  Samsung also made it very easy to switch from iPhone to their phones with Samsung Smart Switch.  That was really nice because I got to keep all of my music.  Apple does not.

I am so happy to have my phone back.  Here is a picture of the case I made on Vista Print for Mariphone.  I love it!
And here is how it looks on my Mariphone.  Picture taken with S5 ha.  Erik hasn't switched over yet.
I'll try to get a better picture.  It was dark when we took this.  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.  I will be honest and fair.  I know this is such a debate.  Everyone loves their phone and wants to be happy with theirs.  I want you to be happy too, whether its an iPhone or Samsung, or Droid phone.

Have a great day!

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