Saturday, January 31, 2015

Project Life...Cover and Week 1

Hello everyone!  I am finally posting my Project Life cover and Week One layout.  I've actually had it done for a few weeks now, but haven't had time to post it. The photos are not too great as the weather has been really cloudy, or windy, or not conducive to photos.  So here you go.
You can see my phone's shadow on the "smile" card :(

It took me quite a few days to finally come up with a title for my album.  I was actually stuck.  I knew I wanted gold.  I knew I wanted script font but nothing seemed to work.  I sifted through ALL of my kits that's a lot since I have a problem  which wasn't very many because I only have a few.  (Wink, Wink)  I used a combination of Studio Calico Kits and Clique Kits Kits.  Say that five times.  I like how it turned out, but I did have a little fight with my Mister Huey.  Most of the contents of the bottle may have been spilled in the scuffle.

This is my Week One spread.  It's only one page.  Remember in this post, I told you I wasn't going to be so strict with myself filling up two page spreads?  Well I took complete advantage of that for this week.  I didn't take that many photos so I really couldn't fill up the spread.  I like how both pages turned out.  I also like how I decided to title each spread with Week 1, Week 2, etc.  

My goal for this year is to continue posting Project Life on Wednesdays.  I know last year I said I would post every Wednesday but that didn't pan out.  This year I can't and won't promise that, even though I did complete the entire year!!!!!  The reason for that is I am having trouble with my Canon Selphy printing photos.  So, I'm ordering them from Walgreens, or Persnickety Prints.  Most of them are going through Persnickety Prints so I don't want to order photos weekly.  I would rather bundle them into a few weeks so I can save money on shipping.  I really like the versatility in sizes from Persnickety Prints.  I'll post a review in the coming weeks.

I also know I promised you the last twenty weeks of 2014, and I will deliver on that promise.  It's just that I have been so busy and the weather has been so crappy.  I will get the photos done and post them as soon as I can.  I hope you enjoyed these pages, and I can't wait to share more!!


  1. That title page is gorgeous!! I love gold!

  2. Thanks Emily! I went overboard with the mini mister and had to redo part of it :(



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