Thursday, August 14, 2014

What's Going On?

Hey there ladies and gents.  Yes we have a few gents in the group.  Just thought I would check in and tell you what's going on around here.  As you know, we've been SUPER BUSY with school.  I didn't get home until 7:45 last night.  That's a fun day when you leave the house at 6:30.  So when I got home I helped Wolf with his homework and then fell asleep on the couch while pretending to watch Shark Week shows...Don't tell Erik, I was trying to pretend I was awake the whole time.  I think he fell for it. Ha.  Anyhow here are a few things that's have been happening around here.

Watching these guys grow.  They were in our school garden.  The kids loved them.  We had a few invade my room too.

 New Legs
 Thousands of them.
Little tiny toad.  That's JoJo's hand.

Dodging Snakes:
Can you see the rattle snake ready to strike?

Getting out of hard places.

Cleaning boys' rooms

Trying so hard to craft.  Haven't been able to get much done.  I'm hoping to catch up this weekend.

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