Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Project Life Week 15...and a few lessons learned

Barring further disaster, which this year can only be called a disaster for us, I'm hoping to start posting Project Life regularly on Wednesdays again.  Here is Week 15.  As I go along on this journey of Project Life, I've learned a few things: 

*I really do like this project.  I've included a lot of things that I wouldn't put into the boy's scrapbook albums.  It reflects our family as a whole, rather than just each boy.  For example, I really never included happenings at school for me.  School is a big part of my life, so it should be in our album.

*You will get behind.  No matter how hard you try, you will get behind.  One thing is life will happen.  You will get busy.  You will get a little burnt out on the project.  I think you can see that with the last few weeks I've posted.  Not too many photos, very little journaling.  I think it's indicative of the turmoil in our life during those weeks.  When you get behind, don't beat yourself up.  Photos taken with digital cameras or phones are dated.  It's easy to go back and order prints for each week.

*Take pictures of everything.  You have a camera in your phone.  Take advantage of that.  You'll never know what will come in handy when you work on your Project Life album. You never know if some regular little thing will represent your life at that moment.

*There are no rules to Project Life.  When I started, I figured would do two page spreads for each week.  That for the most part is true.  However, due to lack of photos for some weeks, or an overabundance for others that isn't always the case.  You can start this at anytime, not just the first day of January.  Today, you could start with Week 1 of 52.  

*Mix it up..I also thought keeping the same kit would be great.  I'm going to start mixing that up as well.  Also, I'm going to start adding some embellishments to the cards to make it more "scrappy."  You can mix up the page protectors.  There are so so many options and sizes to choose from.  It adds variety to your album.  I recently purchased these 4x4 page protectors for my Instagram Photos.

*Becky Higgins isn't the only person who sells Project Life Supplies.  There are so many places to get supplies.  Simple Stories, Studio Calico, WeRMemory Keepers, etc.  Find the supplies you like and go with it.

*Join a community or look online.  There are tons of videos on youtube, and blogs dedicated to Project Life.  They are a great resource for inspiration.  I recently started a crafting group on Facebook called Scrappy Girls.  It has really helped to motivate me with my crafting.  

So there you have it.  My thoughts at a quarter of the way into the year.  Hope you all found this helpful.

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