Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So Many Things

I have so many things I wish to catch up on this summer.  One of my goals this year was to really work on this blog, but that plan was sort of derailed by illness.  We are almost to summer.  Tomorrow is the kid's last day, and mine is on Friday.  I love/hate this time of year.  I love it because I can't wait to finish up and rest.  I hate it because there is just SO MUCH too do before the year is over.  It's just a huge, mad rush to get it all done.

I am also at a point in life where I don't know if I want to continue working on my photography business.  It's not like I want to stop completely, but I want a break.  I have "three jobs."  I have my regular job.  I have photography.  I have my web design/promotional work for another business.  It's a lot of work.  I really love taking photos of people, but I hate having to sit in my office for hours on end editing my photos.  It's so hard to pull myself away from my family to do that.  Sometimes, I just want to come home and hang out or God forbid, scrapbook.  I've never considered myself a creative person until recently.  Apparently I am, because I need to have some way to be crafty or design something.  I'm finding that little hobby has been pushed so far back on the burner I can't even see it.  I'm hoping that this summer, I will be able to get caught up on everything.  I do have some layouts from National Scrapbooking Day that I need to post here, but then I would have to download the pics and convert them to JPEG's so, when I get the time and energy to do so, I will.

I'm going to set my summer goals this week and start working on them.  In the meantime, I'm counting the seconds until freedom..Ha.

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