Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm a Traitor (iPhone 5 v Samsung Galaxy S5)

That's right everyone.  I am a traitor.  Steve Jobs is going to rise from the grave and get me.  I traded Mariphone in for Maralaxy (Samsung Galaxy S5).  I was actually sad to see her go and to think of her sitting on shelf all alone.  Then to make matters worse, I get emails from apps telling me your iPhone has been disabled.  It's like they are all against me.

Erik and I have been talking about getting the Samsung Galaxies for a while.  I wanted one last year and Erik said we were iPhone people and not to think about it.  Then he dropped his phone a month or so ago and cracked the screen and all of a sudden he wants a Samsung Galaxy.  So we did it.  We handed over our beloved iPhones.  I like my new phone, but that doesn't say I'm going to keep it.  Let me tell you some of the reasons I decided to switch.

1.  The camera:  The camera is 16 megapixels.  The pictures are just so much sharper than those I take with my iPhone.  We all know how important taking photos is to me, especially with my phone.  Val has a Galaxy S5 and her pictures were just so much sharper.  I know because I've printed some of hers out.  The last weeks of school, I had printed some directly from my iPhone, rather than Instagram, and they were slightly pixelated.  The Galaxy S5 photos are not.  Also, with the Galaxy, there are about 20 different modes you can put your camera in for pictures.

2.  Texting:  I love that the S5 has that vibration when you type your text messages.  I've always liked that.  It's not available with the iPhone unless you jailbreak it.  Jailbreaking voids your warranty.  I also use the cute messaging that allows you to customize pictures.  So I have added photos for my contacts and I get to see their cute faces when I text them.

3.  The size:  The Galaxy S5 is much larger than the iPhone.  Since I use my phone for reading, that is kind of convenient.  It's not too big, so I don't look like I'm holding an iPad to my head when I talk.  Haha.  It still fits in my pocket, which was a requirement.

4.  The Galaxy S5 is something new.  I've had an iPhone for so long.  The thing about upgrading to the new iPhones is that it's always the same thing.  Nothing really changes on it.  It's the same product with a few changes.  It's a great product, don't get me wrong, but I was ready for something different.  If the iPhone had a better camera, I would not have switched over, though.

Now, let me tell you switching over and trying to figure out how to use the Samsung Galaxy was not an easy task.  The iPhone is much, much easier to use.  I've had to watch Youtube videos, and grill kindly ask Val a million questions about how to use the S5.  Erik got his phone yesterday, he doesn't know how to use it yet.  I'm slowly getting the hang of it.  I've found that both phones work very similarly.  They are touch phones with apps, you swipe the screen, they have a home button, they have voice commands, etc.  The big difference is that you can completely customize the Galaxy S5 anyway you want it with widgets.  With an iPhone, you are stuck with what you get.  The Galaxy S5 is also water resistant, which is a nice feature for us as we go to the lake a lot in the summer.

I also want to say this.  If the reason you won't switch over is because you've been told you will lose all of your iTunes music, apps, etc.  That is NOT true.  In fact, the guy at Verizon told us that before we got the phone.  He said we would lose everything and not be able to use it.  It is absolutely not true.  We downloaded Smart Switch which brought everything over from iCloud wirelessly.  Our music came over so easily it was unbelievable (must be connected to a computer).  In fact, we will probably keep our iTunes account for purchasing music and just switch it over to our phones.  We will always be Apple users with the Mac, iPods, iPad,  and probably iPhones again.

So, there you have it.  I've been beating myself up over my choice to change.  But then again, you have to meet the consumer's needs.  Apple needs to make their camera better, and provide some variety in their phones.  At least that's my opinion.  I'm going to go hide in my hovel hole now and avoid the rotten tomatoes being thrown for disparaging Apple.  Have a good day!

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