Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Car Didn't Catch Fire...So there is always that

Well, my car is broken.  Don't worry, it isn't something that $1200 can't fix.  The engine was misfiring and could have caught on fire at any moment.  Yesterday morning, during road construction, my service engine light came on.  The car felt funny for a minute and then the light went off.  Thank God because I was halfway to school.  I drive 25 miles each way.

When I started my car after school, all was well, no engine lights.  That was until I got on the interstate.  The light came on.  Once again, I had to slow down road for road construction half way.  The light began to flash and when I accelerated, the car started to violently shake.  So I drove 60 mph the rest of the way home because if I went faster or slower it started shaking like crazy.  I went to AutoZone where the machine said it could be about 10 different things.  Erik decided I should come home so we could decide what to do.  When I went uphill on a street near our house, the light started flashing again.

Long story short the engine was misfiring...which can lead to engine fires (Could explain burning smell the kids and I smelled when we got off the interstate).  It's in plain English in my drivers' manual.  It was also confirmed by the mechanic at the Car Dealership.  So mostly, I am thankful that my car did not catch fire on the way home while I had Maddie and JoJo in there.  I mean really, thank the good Lord.  That would have been horrific.  I will also say, I'm not thankful for the $1200 we will have to pay to have it fixed.  I am also not thankful for having to drive Erik's truck because the seat is so low in that thing I can barely see over the steering wheel.  I actually should be sitting on a phone book.

It should be noted that this post is made in jest, because if you can't laugh then you will cry.  I'm mostly a positive laughing kind of person, so I'm going to laugh and laugh at this latest misfortune.  In the end, I have so many blessings.  So many more things that are important than cars, refrigerators, TV's, clothes, and other material goods.  So while this whole ordeal...year...has been hard, I am trying to remain very thankful for all of the priceless things I have.   The amount of those priceless items is countless.

Goodnight.  Please enjoy your priceless items. :) 

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