Tuesday, December 10, 2013

This and That

Hello there!  Hope this finds you all well.  I'm proud to say that I did not stay up all night reading because I have a small ounce of self control.  However, I thought, I would share a few random things.

I have been so busy around here with pictures.  I only have one more shoot this month, so I'm hoping to be able to get caught up on some stuff around here.  This blog is very bare of craftiness.  So sad.  First off, I am not enjoying this weather.  I hate cold weather.  I want my summer back so I can relax at the lake in the boat or on the shore.  I just want to sweat people.  I was contemplating Florida as a great place to live as it's warm year round.  Then I remembered the hurricanes.

Our Real Food diet is going well.  The only problem was this morning, when I was going to make a smoothie.  I had left the blender settings on high from last night when I made ice cream.  Anyhow, I was going to change the settings and I accidentally turned the blender on.  Liquids went flying and I was screaming.  Because I have no common sense, I was deliberating in my head about what I should do.  One thought was to just turn the speed down. Turn the speed down!!!  Am I kidding myself? And during this deliberation, Erik thought I chopped my hands off in the blender, and I felt pressure to answer him.  Why would I stick my hands in a blender?  I am not that stupid.  Those warning labels were not created for me!!  Then, I finally thought, "Just turn the blender off."  So it was a bit messy to say the least.

I bring up the real food diet for two reasons.  One, I found this information about Whole Milk today.  It is from L.A. Times.  A new study found that organic whole milk is very good for you.  Let me just say, I have never jumped on the skim or lowfat milk bandwagon.  I want my milk completely full of fat.  Otherwise, it tastes like water.  I hate that.  We did make the change to organic whole milk.  It's probably reducing my horrible heart health from the nonorganic milk as we speak.  Just kidding.  Here is the article, if you're interested.  I also will tell you that we drink Horizon Milk, we used to drink it for years until the kids and I went through three gallons a week.  We use two gallons a week on average now.  Since, going "RF" we switched back.  It is so rich and creamy.  The color is even different from the regular store bought milk.  I also use the Organic Horizon Butter.

The second reason is that I searched the "Dirty Dozen" of most pesticide exposed fruits and vegetables.  I've had a hard time finding only organic fruits and vegetables.  So, here is a list I found.  It is from Mother Nurture (mothernurture.me).  I just took a screen shot.

Finally, I thought I would leave you with this stupid Ron Burgundy/Robin Thicke version of "Ride Like the Wind"  If you are a Ron Burgundy fan, like me...and a fan of Christopher Cross (like me as well), you will enjoy this.

Good evening, Peeps!!

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