Thursday, December 5, 2013

Real Food Update

Our diet is going well.  We are back on after Thanksgiving.  We weren't technically off of it, but I can't control what other people cook.  I'm not going to demand "all natural" or "organic."  I'm just thankful enough for the food.  I will say that when we got home from Thanksgiving, I only wanted a smoothie.  It just sounded so good.  As we go along here, I want to share with you our difficulties and such.  First, I have found it difficult to keep up with school lunches.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First, the kids are pigs and they EAT EVERYTHING.  That leaves very little for lunches.  The other reason is that I'm packing lunches and they don't eat them.  JoJo is really good about staying inside from recess so he can eat.  The other kids are not.  At our school, Maddie probably has about 10 minutes to eat if he wants to play outside.  I will say it is very unfair that this happens.  I think kids should have ample time to eat.  Since I'm a teacher at his school, I have little voice in the matter, unfortunately.  I have talked to him about staying in and eating, but to no avail.

The next issue is the whole, I'm in Limbo about meal planning.  It's been hard for some reason.  It really shouldn't be, but instead of just planning dinner, now I have to plan all the meals and snacks.  I've had a hard time with this.  I'm now thinking of doing a monthly menu, and not flying by the seat of my pants.

I've made quite a few recipes from 100 Days.  I have to say, none of the recipes are enough for us.  She leaves room in her menu for left overs and I have no idea how this can happen.  I have had to double most of the recipes, and they are still not enough.  Again, I say my kids are pigs.  I do understand this.  However, I guess, I live in a home with three growing boys and a husband that eats a lot.  I will say that a lot of the recipes are very, very good.

We have very little food in the house.  We are really sticking to a tight budget, as circumstances don't allow us to spend a great deal on groceries.  We are spending less, and I'm being much stricter on the budget.  I know we are buying better foods, but it still sucks not to have anything to eat.  The kids eat a lot.  I think it's because they are boys.  I really and truly believe this.  I am allowing snack food items into the home such as, chips:  potato and corn (all natural and organic; the corn chips have three ingredients), popcorn (natural and organic).  We are finishing up our old salsa, but after it's gone, I plan on making it.  Of course, I provide fruits and vegetables, which they eat.  They just seem to be bottomless pits.

Not all is bad on this diet.  I think that we just have to adjust to all of the changes.  I am very happy to continue it.  I know that Dr. Weil would be proud.  We have not allowed artificial ingredients or preservatives, etc. into our home since we started.  We have had to make sacrifices because some items are expensive.  That is fine.  I don't ever want to go back.  I love this diet way of life.   I love the way that I feel.  I know that Erik feels the same way.  I'm trying to figure this out and pass it on to you incase you wish to join in.  In the next posts, I hope to share some recipes with you.

Have a great evening!

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