Friday, December 9, 2011

Delicious Yumminess

I don't even know if that title makes sense.  Anyhow, I'm sure there are a lot of you who enjoy Pinterest.  I know I sure do.  And, while Pinterest is AWESOME, it is a time sucker.  You really have to be careful not to spend hours on that website.  I may or may not have done it myself.  Anyhow, in my browsing time, I've come across a few recipes, that are delicious.  They are easy to make too.  I don't have tons of time for cooking most days.  I thought I would share a few with you.

Jenny's Journey Chicken Rollups:  These are so delicious, though not so healthy, and that is why I forced my children to eat a good salad with the meal.  You stuff crescent rolls with cream cheese, chicken, and cheese.  Yummy!!!

Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Rollups:  (okay apparently I like rolling food)  These are fun and easy to make.  It's a fun spin on regular lasagna.

Crock Pot Mac and Cheese:  Who doesn't love a crock pot meal?  This was yummy and super quick to prepare.

Well those are just a few.  I am going to continue trying out new recipes because it really helps to have a bigger variety of meals.  The same old thing over and over can get really Texas Hash that my mother made ALL the time and we had to eat day after day of left overs.  Seriously, I hated that stuff.  Then, she made it once when I was in college and I was like hey this stuff isn't half bad...if you're not forced to eat it 5 days in a row three weeks out of the month.  But, I digress...

P.S. sorry for no pictures.  I didn't want to use the other people's pictures without permission.  Happy Cooking!

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