Monday, April 25, 2011

untitled...please read and pray

This weekend, I have noticed that many, many plants are beginning to come back after our very hard freeze.  We have had to hold out hope for them to come back, and they finally are.  All of them are growing back from the bottom of the plants...the roots.  Only after they have been cut down to nubs.  A lot of them have changed.  They are not beautiful and strong anymore.  They are not beautifully shaped into perfect trees or bushes we loved and appreciated.  What does this mean?  I have contemplated on this.  Thought about life and the world, the things I have seen.  The way life will go on against all odds, against things so cold and hard that you don't think it will survive.  There is something to learn from nature.  To have faith, to wait and be patient, to be strong and diligent.  And though that bush, plant, or tree may never grow back into the beautiful form you shaped it into once, it will survive.  It will grow into something new.    Something that will be beautiful and lovely in it's own way.  Something you never expected.  Something that you did not plan, but altogether beautiful just the same.  And that is not to say that you forgot the potential that the plant once held, but you have accepted that fate has intervened and changed it into something new.  Not better, but different...and life and nature will always find a way to survive, to live.
A dear family, people that I have know for a very long time, lost there son on Easter Sunday.  I ask that you please pray for them and for their peace.

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