Monday, November 6, 2017

The Black and White Photo Challenge

I recently participated in the 7 day photo challenge in which you were to share 7 black and white photos.  The rules were to post 7 photos for 7 days with no people.  So, I'm going to share them here, give you some info about the photos, as well as share my overall feelings about challenge.

Day 1
This is just a fire in the backyard.  We love to sit outside around the fire and watch the boys play.

Day 2
My coffee…I love coffee.  Erik and I have matching mugs that we purchased to support the fallen officers in Dallas.

Day 3

The boys bikes.  They ride around the neighborhood.  They ride in the yard.

Day 4
The Organ Mountains…I love them.

Day 5
One of Maddie's paintings in his room.  

Day 6
My mom has been going through old boxes in my grandmother's house.  She found a box of WWII love letters my grandfather sent to my grandmother.  They are extremely delicate.  They are also burnt at the edges because they were stored for a very long time in my great grandmother's attic which caught fire many, many years ago.  My mom and I are trying to figure out the best way to preserve them.

Day 7

This photo was actually taken in Colorado when I was there for my bestie's wedding.  It's actually better in color, but I was running out of steam with the challenge.  These rocks do show up world wide.  My good friend in Australia is part of a club where you paint the rocks and drop them in locations for others to find.  I thought it was pretty cool that we found this rock and several others.

So what did I learn with this challenge?  I think you learn something with all things you do.  This time I learned that I really didn't like excluding people from my photos.  People make up the most important aspects of my life.  And while it was fun to try and find subjects, it got really old.  I did try to choose things that are important in my life.  I also really hated doing so many black and white photos.  My Instagram feed was so dreary.  I need color in my life.  I do love black and white photos but not every day for everything.  Overall, I'm glad I followed through with this challenge and I do think I could do another….just as long as it includes people and maybe a little color.  

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