Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Is Over...long post

So, you all should remember the post where I posted all of our summer goals.  So, let's go over each one.

*Swim 1 mile a day…okay, that one was more difficult than it seemed.  Mostly because I had to swim after the sun went down.  It was too darn bright to swim at 3 pm.  I did manage to swim 3/4 a mile when weather allowed.  There were some days that it was storming so badly only an idiot would jump into the pool and swim.

*Next Goal:  Not let my hair turn green.  It didn't and I actually cut my own bangs. The stupid selfie camera makes more forehead appear larger than it is.

*Go on a huge hike:  Well, that didn't pan out.  We did do the Pine Trail at Aguirre Springs.  I nearly died made it through just fine.  It was really hot and much steeper than I planned on.

*Organize the garage:  We organized the heck out of the garage.  It took five days and a load to the dump.  It also took two loads to Savers for donations, but we did it.  Then, all of the remaining things were on the kitchen table.  It took me two weeks to clear it off, but its done!

*Grill like crazy: Yes, we grilled a lot of food.  I have more pictures, but they are on Erik's phone.  He's on Instagram as @grill_new_mexico

*Have fun...We did have a lot of fun.  I really enjoy the boys more and more each day.  I think it's because it's not so hectic anymore.  When you are going through the diapers and crying, it's so overwhelming..  Actually, when we cleaned out the garage we found and old video camera and we found priceless videos. Both Erik and I cried a little bit because it went by so fast, faster than we could keep up with.  As the boys get older and less demanding, I feel its easier to just slow down and enjoy them.  They are funny.  They are in love with The Office and I can't fault them on that because its the best...That's what she said, Ha.

Happy End of Summer.  It was great!

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