Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hello February

Hi there everyone!  I wanted to post this post the first of February but it was impossible.  Last week was such a busy week for me.  I had duty so I have to leave the house extra early.  It involves me escorting children across the crosswalk in frigid temperatures.  I really wish I had a picture of me for you.  I only wore two shirts, three jackets, and a reflective vest.  Nothing says fashion like a reflective vest, let me tell you.  One of the days, one of the parents rolled down their window and yelled, "I like your jacket, does it have a hood?" I'm thinking which one?  I'm wearing three. Also, I'm thinking obviously it doesn't have a hood because the jacket I'm wearing on the outside is black and my hood is pink.  I think he was making fun of me, but when its 14 degrees out you do what you have to.

So this post is just to touch base for the month.  I'm hoping to post a few times this month, including at least one crafty post!  Isn't that awesome?  This month, I'm hoping to share some recipes and reviews of things I've tried in the homemade beauty products world.  It's been fun and I'm actually loving it.

I'm off.  I have a busy Sunday preparing for the Super Bowl.  We're a nervous wreck around here.  What are your plans for the Super Bowl?

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