Sunday, June 14, 2015

Highlights of our California Adventure

We went to California for my brother Josh's Law School Graduation!  I'm so proud of him.  He worked hard and we've barely seen him the last three years.  His hard work paid off though, because he graduated Magna Cum Laude and 9th in his class.

After graduation, we walked the streets of Long Beach...Okay, we just went to lunch and to go see the Queen Mary.

Then, we went down to Laguna Beach for a few minutes so the kids could play in the ocean.

Then we went to my other brothers house for a dinner celebration.

My brothers, me and my Step Sister

Then we spent the next two days at Disneyland.

 No I did not use a selfie stick for this selfie!

 My brother is a huge dork.

Look how thrilled Josh is to ride Thunder Mountain with me!

Then our last stop was Universal Studios.

 The closest Erik and I will get to the Tour De France.

It was a quick but fun trip!  

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