Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We have been having such a busy, busy summer around here.  And that is a nice change of pace considering the last two summers have been uneventful.  Here are some random things I wanted to share...

The Lake

We have been spending a ton of time out on the lake.  It is home to me.  The smell of the water mixed with gas and fish.  It smells like relaxation to me...The boys have been fishing up a storm.

 Wolfie and Maddie trolling in the pedal boat.

JoJo with his very own pole.  He caught his own fish all by himself for the first time, but they were out on the boat and I didn't get a picture.

The Reading

I've been reading up a storm lately.  

I'm trying to get Wolfie to read this with me.

The Work

I've been keeping pretty busy with my photos this summer.  I just had a session with a large family.  It was a blast.

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