Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another 12x12 Layout

From one of the Memory Works Express Kit

Our summer is in full swing.  The only thing that is missing is rain!  It is super, super dry here.  Our state is on fire, and so are the neighboring states.  I just wish we could have some rain.  Other than that, I've really been enjoying this summer so far.  This is the first year all of the boys have been old enough to take around easily.  I did it in years past, but they were small and hard to keep in control.  Plus there was that one occasion I took all of the boys out for the first time ever and Maddie broke his collar bone.  That sort of scared me from attempting lone trips with three boys for a while.  But alas, that was almost four years ago.  

My husband is almost six weeks into his new job.  He likes it, a lot.  He is so much happier.  It's funny how it has made such a difference in our life.  I like that he gets to come home for lunch everyday.  If he didn't, I would probably be insane...with him not home until 7:00-7:30 at night.  

So far, this summer, I've been reading like a maniac.  I'm very entrenched in the Anita Blake novels.  They are soooo good.  I'm on book 10 now.  There are 20 in the series.  So, I'm halfway.  If  you don't mind blood and guts, vampires, and magic then I recommend these books.  The writing is excellent and well researched.  

Well, I guess I should be going.  I have so many pictures to edit.  Tons, and that reminds me I haven't posted any here.  Maybe I'll do that later in the week.  Anyway, enjoy your day!    

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