Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Mariphone Photos

I downloaded my phone pics today, so I thought I would share a few random photos.  Mariphone is not taking good photos at this time so I apologize.  Val gave me her old iPhone, but you have to get the stupid little button to lock the device instead of pushing the top button.  I'm deciding if it's worth it or not.  So anyhow, here are the pics.

 There is a bee in one of the flowers on the top left.  They stick their whole body inside the flowers.

 Huge wind storm that came up while we were on the lake.  We took refuge behind an island until it passed.

 JoJo playing in his hamper.
 Maddie boy relaxing on the raft.
 Smoke from the Silver Fire which is now over 100,000 acres.  This is a series of pictures as the day progressed.  Also if you see that white dot, which is another camp.  That guy got his truck stuck down to the frame in the muck because the water is dropping so fast.  We tried pulling him out with Erik's parent's jeep and our car.  We were all hooked up to no avail.  Then, he called out a "professional"  one of those huge Army trucks.  They couldn't get him out either.  I don't feel so bad now.  I have to say our pride was a little hurt.  We've never not been able to pull someone out when they were stuck.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick and Easy Way to Display Your Pages

I don't know if I shared this before.  I've gone back and searched my posts and couldn't find it.  Anyhow, I had four extra canvases laying around the house.  I bought them for 40 percent off at Hobby Lobby.  I figured I could use them for something.  Well, the something turned into a display on my wall in the craft room.  I just stapled (okay, it was Erik) some ribbon to the canvases.  Then I used some hooks from Ikea and hung them on the ribbon.  The total cost was probably $4.00 a "frame."  They look good and it's easy to change out the layouts.  They look good enough to hang anywhere in your home.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Craft Room Redo

It's taken forever for me to post these pics of my craft room.  I don't know why.  It is not complete.  I still want to put a few decorations up, but I haven't been able to find any I like.  I figure, I'm not in a hurry.  As long as it is cleaned up and painted, I am happy.  I love my paint colors.  I don't have them, right off hand because Erik put the paint somewhere in the garage.  I'll post them when I find out.  So, here you go.











Monday, June 24, 2013

When your cat gets stuck in a tree...

...You get the perfect opportunity for photos.  Apparently, she climbed the tree to get away from Mazzie.  She wouldn't let me get her down.  She kept hissing and clawing at my face and hands.  So, I decided to take some pictures of her instead.  It seemed like a fair trade: photos for clawing at your face.

They actually turned out to be the best ones I've ever taken of her because she was holding still.  After I took the pictures I figured I would let her simmer down.  I waited five minutes and went back out and she was gone.  Apparently, she wasn't stuck after all.  And all of the clawing/hissing was her way of telling me she could handle the situation on her own.  She is a strange animal.  I would also like it noted that no animals were harmed in this adventure.

Friday, June 21, 2013

A Very Witty Book Recommendation

Sorry, everyone.  I don't usually do two posts on book in a row.  I just had to today.  I just read this book

By Penny Reid 

This book was so good!  It is one of my five star reads.  You know the kind only Colleen Hoover, K.A. Linde, and J.D. Nixon get?   This book was just so funny and witty and excellently written.  Unlike that last sentence, which was a run-on.  This book really reminded me of Heller and Blood Feud.  The characters were extremely well developed and likable.  The story was very entertaining.  I laughed out loud so many times during my read.  I read this book pretty much nonstop yesterday because I just couldn't put it down.  I did manage to do some laundry, though so don't be too upset about my lack of activity.  You won't be sorry if you purchase this book.  In fact, it's only 99cents on Amazon, right now.  The synopsis from Amazon is below.

There are three things you need to know about Janie Morris: 1) She is incapable of engaging in a conversation without volunteering TMTI (Too Much Trivial Information), especially when she is unnerved, 2) No one unnerves her more than Quinn Sullivan, and 3) She doesn't know how to knit.

After losing her boyfriend, apartment, and job in the same day, Janie Morris can't help wondering what new torment fate has in store. To her utter mortification, Quinn Sullivan- aka Sir McHotpants- witnesses it all then keeps turning up like a pair of shoes you lust after but can't afford. The last thing she expects is for Quinn- the focus of her slightly, albeit harmless, stalkerish tendencies- to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Oh, and I promise the next post I write will be something about not reading :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Book Recommendations

I have to say, I have about read myself out of books.  Nothing sounds particularly interesting to me right now.  I have been reading slowly but surely rewarding my effort for cleaning out my entire house. (I read a chapter, another chapter...clean)  Yes, I said valiant.  Have you seen my house lately?  It's a wreck!  I have probably twenty loads of laundry to go.  We've been cleaning out our tent trailer...lots of blankets and sleeping bags.  I've cleaned out my closet...waist-high pile of laundry.  Plus, just our day to day laundry.  I am pleased with the work so far.  Our closet, bathroom, and bedroom have been thoroughly cleaned out.  Clutter is gone, and they look spotless.  Maybe someday, I will get a new bedroom set so my room doesn't look like some mismatched college dorm, or poor bachelor pad.  I have to say, I am in post Wyli mode.  She ruined a lot of things around here.  I am also in puppy mode.  Mazzie loves to chew.  I am waiting until she is fully potty trained and stops chewing the underside of my bed before I buy a new bedroom set.  I can see the light, people!  I can. see. the. light.  So, anyhow, back to reading.  Here are a few books I've read so far this summer that I find worthwhile to share with you.  Again, know that I read a lot of books.  I only share the ones that I like here.  The ones I think are worth your time.  Trust me, I've read some that are not so great.

Loved this one.  I actually got butterflies in my tummy for a minute.

I really, really liked this one!  The characters were GREAT!  I love Shey Stahl.  She is a sports centered writer.  Nascar, hockey, motocross...sigh.  I think I'm going to watching Hockey this upcoming season ;)

This book is HILARIOUS!  I mean you will laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  It's from a man's point of view and I found it very entertaining.  I highlighted tons of quotes from this book.  Erik was upset with me because he said the author is a man hater.  He says good men don't act this way.  The book is told from the perspective of a manwhore.  Then, he meets the girl of his dreams.  You have to read this book so good!

This is a great book!  I loved the romantic suspense, as well as the actual suspense and mystery!  Very good.  

This is the sequel to There is No Light In Darkness...I liked this one even better then the first one.  Read these two books.  You won't be sorry!

I really enjoyed this book.  It's about a fat girl, who isn't fat anymore.  Yes, she still thinks she's fat.  She is pining away for her true love so she decides to have a "practice" relationship with a player.  I really loved the writing style.  Who doesn't love books set in England?  I laughed and cried!  This was a good one.

Okay, I guess that's all for now.  I will go through my other book posts to see what other books I might be missing.

Monday, June 17, 2013

I'm testing my internet...

I was supposed to have upgraded to almost double the internet speed today, so I thought I would test it. I'm uploading some photos to see how fast they go.  Thanks for being my guinea pigs :)

They're just some from this weekend and Wolfie's Birthday.

And the conclusion is, I don't think my Internet is uploading photos any faster :/  Have a good night!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Three Ways to Devastate your Father on Fathers' Day

Yes, that is correct.  Below, I will list three ways to devastate your very own father on Fathers' Day...

#1  Tell your father you are getting married.  (Remember Father of the Bride?)  Yes, this will ruin any father's day.  The day your father realizes that you will no longer "belong" to him.  That he will have to give you away, unless you live in a country where you receive a dowry...this will be a bad day for him.  But then, he will realize that you probably made a good choice for your husband, and your wedding day will be one of the best day's of his life.

#2  Tell your dad you are pregnant.  (Again, reference Father of the Bride...part 2?)  Your father will never be thrilled with this prospect.  Never.  He will wish you purchased more pets or something to hold you over.  But then, he will see your babies, his grandchildren.  He will love them like crazy.  They will teach him to be a kid again.  He will play with actual toys and buy toys from his childhood to share with them.  He will teach them bad habits and how to misbehave.  You won't be able to go to a restaurant without yelling at your father to settle down.  He will be a giddy kid and you will ask yourself, "What happened to my father, that responsible, serious guy?"  Because he will never be the same the day your children grace the Earth.  He will be better.  He will strive to be better, and he will be a changed man.

That's my dad with the rockets in the upper left corner.

#3  Get a tattoo.  This actual fact will tear your father's last bit of heart out.  I witnessed it first hand today.  Please note, I got my tattoo in February.  My dad showed up at 7 am at my in law's house as I was sleeping on an air mattress in the garage...with the garage door open.  This sounds pretty redneck, but hey, that's the way we roll.  Anyhow, you will chit chat and then he will notice the tattoo on your finger.  The one that usually goes under your wedding ring, which you take off at night when you sleep.  His actual face will drop and looked pained.  This is no joke.  I've seen it twice before.  When I told him I was getting married, and when I told him I was pregnant (Not on Fathers' Day).  It actually took me two or three years to make the decision to get a tattoo.  It's Erik's initials.  I feel pretty safe that they won't have to be erased since we've been together 17 years and married for 12.  I think my dad will get over it.  I just don't think it will be as rewarding as the first two ways to devastate your father.  But hey, I'm 32 years old.  My dad is a great father.  I love him dearly.  I do wish him a very Happy Fathers' Day.
My's not that bad.

And, I can't forget my husband, Erik.  He is the most wonderful, loving husband and father.  He makes me a better person.  Every day!  He is the man that every father hopes their daughter ends us with.  We have a very happy life together with our three boys.  I love him, and I wish him a Happy Fathers' Day as well. I'm pretty sure at this point, he's glad he has sons.

Happy Fathers' Day!

Friday, June 14, 2013

12x12 Layout

Supplies are from Studio Calico

So, Week in the Life is concluded.   I did a work week of 5 days rather than the entire week.  Sorry, I just had no real motivation to do it.  So, as a consolation, I thought I would share a layout.  Also, sorry it's crooked.  I still haven't figured out the crop tool in PS6.  

On the good news front, I am all caught up with photo editing!  Go me.  That gives me time to get things done.  On Tuesday, Erik and I cleaned out the closet.  It looks beautiful!  My bathroom was a huge mess, as a result.  I have been working on laundry to get the mess under control.  I had a waist high pile.  Wyli would go in there and lay in my clothes and pull them off the hangers.  I also gave away a ton of clothes to Goodwill.  They aren't going to fit me anymore, so why save them?

On the bad news front, our state is on fire.  We had one storm last week that started a fire in Silver City.  So far, over 20,000 acres have burned.  It is sad, but I have to commend the fire crews.  They are doing an awesome job to try and save the little town of Kingston.  I used to go there quite often as a kid, and that's where we took our family photos last year.  Several of my friends, and their families have been displaced with this fire.  My heart also goes out to the Colorado fire victims as well.  We all need a good rain.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Week in the Life Day 5

Today, Erik went to work.  I stayed home and worked on things around the house.  This evening, I was to go to the store, however, there was supposed to be a huge storm coming in.  It was a 100 percent chance of golf ball sized hail.  I just ran down the street to get a few things for dinner.  I took Erik's truck as I didn't want my car to be damaged by the hail.  Let me just say that meteorologists are liars.  Liars!  We didn't even get a drop of rain.  We need it so badly.  So, we just hung out in the yard, as usual.

Mazzie has been a little bad lately, she's had a setback in her potty training.  And she may or may not have started digging in the toilet for water.  She was used to having a pool at her old place.  I wish she would realize pools are a far cry from toilets.  She is doing well with her training, as far as sit, down, leave it, etc.  She is also so very sweet.  I am willing to over look the toilet debacle.  Her and Jill are such good friends.  Jill is very happy to have another dog to play with.  The boys love her so much.  Fluffy (the cat) is still having quite an adjustment to her.  I'm hoping they'll work it out soon.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week in the Life Day 4

We spent today at the lake.  We caught a lot of fish, but let them all go because Erik didn't want to clean them.  That was free food!!!  We went home late in the evening, and we were exhausted. We got home, and fed the kids.  I forced myself to water the garden.  Erik had to go to work in the morning, so he had to wash his uniform.  We watched a little TV and went to bed.

P.S. I was posting this yesterday and a certain individual...JoJo...came in and erased it!  So, here you go for today...sorry.

 They're moving the marina out because of the water levels
They both caught a fish at the same time.  Wolfie's was little bit bigger than dad's.


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