Monday, July 17, 2017

And why not?

For a long time this post has haunted me. The reason for that is that my own father thinks I'm a horrible person.  He's disowned me and he's disowned his grandchildren. These three amazing boys...he wants to have nothing to do with them.  He even forgot JoJo's birthday on the fifth of July.  And mostly I'm just so sick and tired of always making the right choices and have them thrown in my face.  

So I guess this post is about letting go.  Just letting it all go because I can't feel bad anymore.  I'm raising these children with Erik.  He's the guy I've been with faithfully for 21 years.   

The kids are pretty great despite the fighting.  They fight...ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  They drive me nuts and that's okay.  I know this will be fleeting.  It will be gone so soon.  And I'm embracing that.  I'm embracing every minute of them and their damn fighting. besties will read this post and they will give me all of the support I need because they love us unconditionally.

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